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Maritza Schafer

Consulting & Coaching

Speak truth and communicate clearly in all your relationships.

Understand your power to act with courage and transform your work, life, and the world.

My work is based on 5 simple practices:

  1.  Seeing clearly
  2.  Truth telling
  3.  Embracing paradox and uncertainty
  4.  Facing conflict and discomfort
  5.  Treating people with love and compassion
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Hi, my name is Maritza.

I’m a seasoned coach, consultant, and bruja with global experience working with social change organizations of all sizes, and individuals committed to their own evolution.

I work with people who want to use their power to act with courage and transform their workplaces, their lives, and the world. I am a coach and consultant specializing in:

Workplace transformation

If you work at a world-changing organization struggling with:

  • Management issues
  • Leadership transitions
  • Team growth
  • Organizational culture
  • Strategic alignment.

I will help you gain clarity and alignment with your values, and your organization will become a thriving workplace with the right structure, a solid strategy and the skills to implement it.

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For social change professionals and organizations

Personal transformation

If you are thirsty for deep transformation, but:

  • Spiritual development has not made an actual difference on your everyday life
  • Traditional religions have disappointed you
  • New age spirituality feels fluffy and unrealistic.

I will help you learn and use the spiritual tools and practices that are most resonant with your life, your lineage and heritage, and your very real human needs and wants, without any God or religion (although both are welcome if you want them).

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For people craving magic in their lives and needing spiritual food

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I am a seasoned consultant, coach, and changemaker with global experience in transformational work. I work magic with and for organizations and individuals.

Magic is the craft of changing reality.

Working for 20 years in communications and advocacy campaigns, I spent a ton of time trying to get my colleagues and staff to collaborate. Through this experience, I restructured several organizations, coached my bosses, and facilitated difficult conversations across continents — and ideologies, races, and genders. 

This led me to set up shop as a bilingual (Spanish) and multicultural communicator and strategist, focusing on organizational development for thriving workplaces with world-changing missions.

Before I devoted myself to both organizational development work and teaching spiritual tools, I had a career in communications for the progressive nonprofit sector, specifically environmental issues, racial justice, philanthropy, women’s rights, economic equity, and transpersonal growth.


I have worked with:

I specialize in organizational culture, supporting staff and leadership to find alignment in their visions for their workplace, and developing specific and actionable work plans to implement them. Centering human rights in all of my work, issues of inclusion, diversity, and equity are embedded in my approach, and are foundational to organizational growth, transformation, and development.

I have worked in all continents (except Antarctica) and hold a BFA in Film, Photography and Visual Arts, and an MS in Communication from Cornell University.

I started my career shooting video for Time Warner Cable and producing educational programs for Cornell University. Besides developing their strategic plans, I led organizational restructures at the Wilderness Society in Australia (to ensure their structure could deliver on their community organizing ambitions), Greenpeace International as Global Campaign Leader for Oceans (to align all national offices behind the international strategy), and brought in social network analysis as a tool for organizational development to Tides Foundation as early as 2007.

I also have over 30 years of experience in emotional growth techniques, spiritual development tools, spellcasting, healing, ritual, intuitive readings, Reiki, shamanic work, vision quests, past lives, constellations, and the tarot.

But let me start at the beginning. 

I was born and raised a bruja in Chile, with strong magical influence from both Indigenous (from Chile) and Italian witch lines. I left for the US when I was 18 years old because I was lucky enough to enjoy circumstances that allowed me to come to college in upstate NY. (But no one leaves their homeland cause things are great, so there’s also that).

I was initiated by my grandmother Nora Ilda Chiavegat Núñez, and have practiced my whole life. Since moving to the US in the early 90’s, I have studied as a solo practitioner, with a coven in upstate New York, and with the Reclaiming tradition in the SF Bay Area for over 20 years. I am not currently a member of a coven, but I am the High Priestess for a handful of solo practitioners.

I love working with leaders who are optimistic about how we can create the world anew, and realistic about how much we’ll need to support each other in the process. I am also the happy holder of 3 passports as evidence that the nation state is a fantasy, and a hopeless music and dance addict.

All of these things inform my work and writing about what it will take for us to live decent lives as individuals and save the species as a collective.

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